Dmitrii Sytyi

Role: Coordination of tasks, marketing analysis and analysis of financial information.

Experience: experience in international trade, custom’s management and management of cultural organisations.

Aspirations: To get insights on how marketing strategies are implemented and what are the impacts of different approaches.


Roman Ayala

Role: editor role regarding the gathered information

Experience: extensive experience within different industries going from hospitality to chemical and retail businesses.

Aspirations: To further learn about the two brands, their future strategies and marketing development.


Sebastién Bellanger

Role: marketing analysis and community manager.

Experience:  was in the association “one ID” at Skema last year. This association is specialized on new technology, data processing. I Have some notions and experience. I also have extensive experience of internships in marketing sector.

Aspirations: would like to know more the strategy, and the aspirations of a big firm.


Candice Désérable

Role: marketing analysisand information gathering

Experience: experience in banking industry, essential knowledge of sales and communication techniques.

Aspirations: to apply knowledge on marketing analysis and gather experience on how to operate in marketing environment.



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