Elements and current marketing program of VW and Renault

In a very competitive market such as the automaker industry, Renault and Volkswagen relies on elements unique to each of then such as logos,slogans,innovation and quality to hammer on their current marketing programs. These elements can be observed in their TVC or advertisement campaign around the world.  Although their marketing mix are pretty much the same, these two automaker have chosen different attributes that are the core of their campaign.

For example, Volkswagen, primarily promotes the mechanical/engineering and power aspects of their vehicle. The reputation associated with German workmanship and precision, are the main ideas in which almost the entire campaign relies on. On a lesser extend, the emotional and environmental part comes into play.

Renault, on the other hand, plays the opposite side of things and highlights the emotional aspects associated with their cars.  By showing the relationship that each owner has with his/her vehicle, Renault is hoping to lure customers by showing the soft, elegance and comfort side of their vehicles. Below are some elements involved in the current marketing strategies used by the two automakers.


The Volkswagen side of things

According to Vinay Shahani, the new VP-marketing at Volkswagen of America, “it is difficult for U.S. consumer to grasp the idea of the premium price tags pegged into their vehicle. Especially when they are trying to become the number one player in the mass production market”.

This is quite true for many as they do not see VW as a luxury brand. Nevertheless, Volkswagen exhibit higher price tags because of their reliance on craftsmanship and generally reputation of their cars.  The company chief argues that this is due to the prestige associated with German technology.


Here are some elements involved in VW commercials in a way to conveying their message to the consumers.

Slogan: A very important medium for companies to create brand awareness by creating catching phrases or ideas. By constant exposure to these messages, the average consumers, identify themselves and instantly recognized the brand. Advertisement campaign such …”The power of German engineering” in the USA and ‘Das auto‘ in France, ” Why drive anything else” in Australia, emphasizes the engineering reputation for which is well known for.

Quality & reliability: Once again the German car maker is putting forward the quality of their vehicle at the forefront of their campaign. With the following TVC, the conveyed message highlight the fuel efficiency and design of the car.

Redesign company website: In a fast pace consumer world, especially the internet, the company revamped their website to keep up with the latest technology and marketing strategies. However, this can backfire, at times, when the site is streamlined to the minimalistic category. Nevertheless, VW updated the its website hoping to help consumers

Drive the new TDI technology: Volkswagen is trying to tap into those ‘environmentally conscious’ consumer. The Turbocharged Direct Injection , a technology that is widely used by the company, calls into the diffusion of diesel engines in the US.

Its a confidence thing – Australia-    This particular TVC tries to convey the ” Confidence” message to the consumer.


Features speak for itself – India-




Renault on the other hand, is pursuing a more aggressive campaign geotargeting the  Mobile consumers . By launching of ZOE for the electric car enthusiasts via their app (mainly in the UK for now) the company is seeking to increase their brand awareness and lower customers resistance and hesitancy regarding the electric vehicle.

But what the french automaker do the best in order to differentiate itself from the competition, is playing into the human emotions to convey their messages. according to the main advertisement strategy of the brand, humans are a complex and emotional being,  and to address it , there’s a Renault for every occasion and every important moment of our lives.

The main motto for the car company is ” drive the Change”

Here are a few samples of  tvc involving “Emotions”

The company’s, ” the Diamond” had subtle changes since 1925. It plays a crucial role in creating cognitive association in the mind of consumers helping the company to be well positioned amongst competitors.  The chosen colors of yellow ( joy, optimism and prosperity) and silver (innovation, creativity and sophistication) were in an effort to represent and associate the brand with main human emotions. These two elements (colors and emotions) helps Renault  to further accelerate one of their marketing strategic business target: portray their cars as a crucial element for ‘state of mind and emotional wellbeing’.


banking into environmentally conscious consumers:http://www.mobilemarketer.com/cms/news/advertising/17870.html

Cross screen brand awareness for the Clio




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