Consumer Analysis Pt.4 — Trends

     Changes in consumer demands have more or less homogenous global vector, focusing on several major fields. When shaping their buying decisions, car consumers tend to look up the information on the web. On-line dimension is by far the most vital, surpassing all other medias.
     The graph, based on DAT group data, shows the relative evolution of different sources of information that affect buying decisions of car consumers in Europe. It can be clearly seen that Internet has overcome all other sources of information, dwarfing expensive commercials.
     The other trend is the development of vehicle’s digitalisation. Thus, consumers demand more and more features, that allow connectivity in vehicles. GPS & Bluetooth have become a must, and more and more manufacturers try to introduce internet connectivity with various additional services as well.
     The graph, based on report by McKinsey forecasts development of automotive market worldwide till 2020 and shows the increasing share of internet-connected cars in released units. Various car manufacturers start to introduce built-in Spotify radio, internet-based vehicle management and try to establish machine-to-machine communication features, that’ll optimise road traffic and prevent accidents. The other options that gain more and more demand are active safety features, like automatic cruise-control, evasive manoeuvring and collision prevention.
     With current global trends of focusing on sustainability and eco-friendliness, consumers look more and more on CO2 emissions of the vehicles. Various government and NGO incentives focus on promoting alternative vehicle powertrains. The most notable development occurs in electric vehicle markets. This kind of powertrain is currently considered as the most perspective, supported by huge PR campaigns and brave initiatives like GigaFactory.

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