EV: The Renault offer


     For a few days now, Renault has intensified communication about their new electric car: ZOE. Looking for a way to differentiate away from the competition, the company is proposing two different types of commercial propositions to prospective customers :

  1. Car Purchase + Battery rental
  2. Car rental + Battery

From these two options, the car rental + battery seems to be the best one. With the offer, Renault is looking to satisfy prospective consumer with the lowest amount of investment. In reality, the high price tags of electric cars is one of the main factors that’s preventing consumers from transitioning from prospective to  buyers. Unfortunately, consumers at times, are short sighted and fails to see the whole picture regarding electric vehicles. For them, tag price is at their focus point , especially under uncertain economic condition like the one we’re going through. Hence, they fails to see the huge saving that an electric vehicle can generate.  For example, the price of the Renault ZOE is 21, 900 euros. The same as it is for a “Megane Estate”

The big idea behind this ad is that Renault is the proposition put forward by the automaker. By proposing the deal, Renault is hoping  to install the feeling of having made the right decision  while enjoying all the advantages of an electric car.

Further, proposes to the new client a special offer in every dealership:

  • Car rental
  • Rental battery
  • Installation of the  electric outlet at home by Renault employees
  • And the electrical connection to connect you car everywhere.

All of these perks comes up with a price tag of 169 Euros per Month. Astonishing!

By creating this offer behind their electric vehicle, Renault tried to address  all possible questions and objections that customers might have about electric cars. As the price and equipment can be daunting for some consumers, Renault takes on charge all the installations ,thus facilitates the using of his electric car.


edited by Roman Ayala










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