VW vs Renault; the advertisement strategies

With a nice cup  of java and some cookies, I sat comfortably on the couch and with my laptop in hand.In this particular setting, spend an entire afternoon watching VWs and Renault TV commercials through YOUtube. Not only I had a blast seeing all the advertisement ads from both of these car manufacturer, but I also learned a lot about both brands. The striking similarities in terms of product is a far cry when it comes down to their specifics regarding their intended target.

True, their market segments are similar, however each manufacturer relies in different aspects of their products to lure consumers into choosing their brands. By invoking different feelings and desires, they are doing their utmost  in order to  swade potential consumers into becoming loyal fan/followers.  Nevertheless, each brand use different advertising strategies and key words in order to accomplish their intended missions. VW relies heavily on german technology and ‘savoir faire’.  They pinpoint the reliability, efficiency and precision of german engineering. It also calls into action the feelings of friendship, enduring relationships and faithfulness as it can quite be observed in this ad.

Now Renault brand on the other hand, uses key words such as beauty, comfort, fun and sexy. The Twingo line of “keeping up with the modern times” is essentially aimed not for the older, but ‘hip’ consumer segment as a way to convey their intended message across. The  ads below  for the Renault twingo says it all.

In all, both brands relies heavily in consumers feelings and all the fun is really spending the whole afternoon learning about their entire universe and having so much fun while doing it.



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